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Political Signage

Stand out from everyone else with professional, quality and eye catching signage, at affordable prices. We also make sure your signage meets legal requirements for campaigning.

Branding & Strategy

We can help you identify your brand and create a unique look that can be used across all your marketing material and messaging. A defined campaign strategy will also help your chances of success and results.

Social Media

Social media is still the top platform used in campaigns to create public awareness. Let people follow your campaign and get to know you before asking them for their trust and vote.


Websites let people know who you are and what you stand for within a few minutes. Use it in cross-promotions and to collect vital data for your campaign. Use e-news to campaign too.


Whether advertising through traditional media or social media, not only can we help design your message but we can help you find the best avenues to use based on your budget and target audience.

Media Liaison

Get the right message out to the media and public. We can help with strategic advice and writing or distributing your media releases. Remember that the wrong message could be fatal to your campaign so get the right advice.

About Poli PR

Our team have produced impressive results and created memorable campaigns, not to mention, help get candidates elected to Parliament. Many candidates complain about lack of time or funds, but we endeavour to address both so that you have a seamless campaign.

We are also helping organisations and community groups achieve desirable outcomes, involving decisions made by politicians. Through strategic campaigning and community engagement, we aim to provide ideas to our clients which can help  influence elected representatives, providing communities with results.




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