Tinder Pollie Campaign


This unique, creative and clever idea of campaigning on dating app Tinder, was an ‘out-of-the-box campaigning method which was successful in gaining publicity for the campaign when media outlets were not providing coverage of candidates due to the electorate being a safely held seat by a major party. This campaign idea reached a predominantly disengaged demographic of voters, was delivered in a humourous way and was so different and unusual that all major TV networks, radio networks and print/online media picked up the story. It was the most widely covered Independent Candidate campaign at the 2017 QLD State Election.


To inform and advertise to the target area (electorate) that there was an independent candidate running in the QLD election and to also gain media attention as an additional advertising method.


  • Dating app ‘Tinder’
  • Photoshop
  • Twitter
  • Facebook


A campaign ‘story’ was created using humour to outline that the candidate was “looking for votes and not dates,” inform the target audience of who their current ‘product’ was (the sitting MP) and place in front of them a credible alternative to vote for. The story left the viewer with a laugh and the message that the independent candidate was a ‘perfect match’ for them. The campaign was advertised on Facebook and Twitter (to journalists).


  • Approx. 5% of the vote, over a 2-week campaign (usual result for a minor political party – unknown Independent candidates normally get 1-2% of the vote)

  • Media Coverage – Today Show (Nine Network) – The Project (Network Ten) – Sky News with Laura Jayes – Front page and page 6 of the Gold Coast Bulletin – Channel Seven and Nine Gold Coast news with national midday news coverage – 2GB interview with Ben Fordham – Sea FM radio interview – Gold 92.5 radio interview – Hot Tomato radio interview

  • Facebook reach of 26,900 unique users and 79,100 views (impressions)

We also did:

  • Website Design & Management
  • Facebook Design & Management
  • Twitter Design & Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Media Liaison
  • PR Consulting
  • Promotional brochures &
  • How To Vote Cards
  • T-shirt design


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